Fallen Star

11th Chronicle of the Unknown Land

Denithor, Mestrik, Xan

Day 36, Adamantine Mine (north of Candor’s Eve)

Moments later, the earth opened up in a blaze of molten rock and fire, swallowing us. I landed on a ledge above the rushing river, which continued to flow beneath the mining camp. I was able to maneuver my way around to Xan, who was unconscious on another ledge. Denithor, who managed to escape falling into the cracked ground, jumped down and joined us.

A short distance away we heard a booming voice shouting what sounded like orders. A tunnel, which appeared to be bored out by some unnatural creature, led toward this voice. We followed the sound to an underground mine. Human slaves carried ore into a huge cart, while a giant flaming blob-like thing oversaw the scene. More creatures – living forms of magma in the shapes of dogs – guarded the slaves. The giant overseer threw a wet blob of ore toward us, which sent the dogs after us. We ran back up the tunnel, and the dogs gave chase. My companions ran ahead, and one of the dogs charged me – its heat was unbearable.

We escaped back up to the surface, and more magma creatures exploded up from below. These flew, like giant molten herons. We made short work of them, and they died in fiery explosions, and we decided it was time to leave this mine camp. We fled out onto the plain, and had a cheerless camp.

Day 37, plains

Khan found Streak, who had escaped the mine camp the day before. We agreed to meet the following day at a cave. As we made our way toward the meeting place, Khan made us aware of six giant stone forms that were approaching us, surrounding us in a wide circle. These were shaped like giants, but made of stone. They dragged enormous swords behind them, plowing the ground as they went.

We rushed for their perimeter, so as not to be surrounded, attacked and destroyed one. Soon, we realized that my blunt arrows were the best weapon against them. As we continued to create distance from them, they joined together into a huge stone creature. Denithor fought bravely, engaging in direct melee. He luckily dodged several mighty blows of its fists. Xan summoned elementals to fight it, but it turned them against us. I rained arrows on it as quickly as I could, but it was finally Denithor’s skill that brought it to rubble.

We reached the cave, met our companions, and decided to camp for a week to resupply ourselves.

Day 38-44, Cave

Making arrows and hunting.



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