Half-Elf Ranger (dead)


| Greatsword | 4 | 2d64 |
| MW Comp Shortbow | 4 | 1d61 |

| AC | FF | Touch |
| 15 | 13 | 12 |

| Fort | Ref | Will |
| 2 | 4 | 2 |

Skills (quick ref)
| Know Geo | 4 |
| Know Nature | 4 |
| Perception | 8 |
| Sense Motive | 2 |
| Survival | 10 |



Sel’farel was given his name by Old One, the elven elder of his tiny Village, which is now known as Heaven’s Crater. The elven phrase means “one who ventures to edge of world”. Depending on the compex language’s tone, context and vocal inflection, “ventures” could also mean “wanders”, “comes-from”, “birth”, “death”, or “fate”. “World” could also mean “village”, “community” or “people”. To a native speaker of the Elven tongue, connotations include “outsider who is one of us”, “one who leave us, never leaving us”, “one whose home is far from home” and much more.

He was found as a baby by hunter/trappers at the edge of the Village. It occurred a few days after a particularly gruesome raid by bandits wearing red and black. The baby was left for dead, malnourished and naked (making it nearly impossible to identify his village of origin).

He grew up in one of the Village’s communal huts with his adoptive elven parents and their children. Most of the human villagers referred to them as brothers, though the elves of the Village notably did not.

As a boy, he made arrows for the hunters, and followed them daily out to the Village edges, even when instructed, in no uncertain terms, to stay home. Some of the hunters took to hunting him, a rough game of cat & mouse which sometimes left Sel’farel beaten & bruised, but taught him the value of agility.

When his Village was destroyed in a battle between black & gray clad human raiders and winged angels, Sel’farel, his brothers, and their friend Cob fled to an agent several hours’ march to the east, deep in the forest. There, he found a human mentor named Grassblade, who taught him how to survive in the wild, to track and hunt, and to defend himself with weapons.

Character Goals

Sel’farel wants to avenge his Village against the raiders and bandits that have stolen from and killed his people for as long as he can remember.

Having discovered that a world exists outside his Village, Sel’farel wants to find a way to unite villages, perhaps helping them to defend and enrich themselves through trade and fighting arts.

As a player, I’d like for our PC’s to eventually fix whatever happened to the sky, and to see the communities begin trading and unifying as a result. I’d like for us to be part of a huge central quest that brings the gods back to our world.

Character Secrets

Just weeks before the raid, Old One gave Sel’farel a withered parchment. It was a poem, written in a spidery elven script, but Old One told him it was much more than this, and that someday he would understand. Sel’farel carries this parchment in a scroll case.

The elves of Village knew a secret about Sel’farel’s heritage. This secret may be the reason the angel battle occured in their village. It may be lost, or one of the elves from the Village may have escaped & survived.

Mannerisms, Memories, Quirks

He is haunted by ancestral dreams. Like his visions of Old One, he often sees the faces of elves he has never known. They don’t speak, but simply watch.

His only friends are the other boys from his village who survived the battle, and Grassblade, who is more like an older mentor. As such, Sel’farel not too well versed in social etiquette. He’s as likely to speak his mind bluntly as to fall into long periods of silence.

He’s memorized the poem that Old One gave him, and constantly looks for its meaning in conversation, in the natural world, in everything he sees & does.


Sel’farel was killed by human slavers on the Scorpion’s Tail


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