Vigo Ferendel

Human Fighter (combat medic, alchemical experimenter, and all-around jovial survivalist)


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Vigo Ferendel was born to a human woman (Marla Drenk) and an unknown human father (Marla was a bit of a tramp) and raised by her and her elven lover (Beneris Ferendel) in Heaven’s Crater, a now-destroyed small village in the plains.

The elf left Marla and her young son in the middle of a cold winter’s night during a full moon with only his weapons and a backpack. Beneris left a note saying that he had been called to make good on “an ancient debt” that required his immediate departure — the details of which he would share upon his return. A return that never happened. Vigo has only vague memories of his father, and his mother’s grief was so intense it shortened her life by decades. Vigo was an orphan by the age of 10.

When his mother passed, Vigo joined his friend Sel’farel as a ward of one of the village’s communal huts. Vigo idolized Sel’farel, and followed him wherever he went, learning the craft of making arrows and bows and being taught how to hunt.

His loneliness subsided, but was never fully cured. Thankfully, the companionship of Sel’farel and their other best friend Cob, was a stabilizing force that kept the young half-elf from leaving his village too early and unprepared for life.

When the battle between the angels and The Priests laid Heaven’s Crater to waste, Vigo fled with Sel’farel, Cob, and others from the village, eventually finding a human mentor named Grassblade, who taught him and Sel’farel how to survive in the wild, to track and hunt, and to defend themselves. Vigo became enamored of the various traps and snares that Grassblade used to catch different creatures and insects in the wild. Long after Sel’farel left to venture on his own, Vigo remained to learn as much as he could about the art of trapping as well as how to brew various alchemical items to help him survive in the wild or sustain himself in a city via barter or sale.

When he had learned as much as he could from Grassblade, Vigo struck out on his own, traveling the continent and sustaining himself in the wild via his various crafts. He didn’t shun the companionship of others, though he became quite adept at surviving on his own. Whenever he came across a town or city, Vigo would spend long hours chatting up the town’s residents over ale, either to sell them the bows, arrows, or alchemical items he had made, or just to find news of society (such as it was) or the world. And always he asked the question “have you met an elf named Beneris Ferendel?” Such is the fate for a boy separated from his father at too early an age.

Eventually, his curiosity about his boyhood friends drew Vigo back to the region of his traumatic past where his searches revealed that he was the last of the three best friends to remain alive. Vigo though that perhaps it was time for his journeys to include others with whom he could bond. Such is the yearning for a boy orphaned once more…

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Vigo Ferendel

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